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Vincent van Haaff Electric Shaman


Vincent van Haaff (flyingoctopus) is a multi-disciplinary media artist and designer working with computer code to explore virtual spaces defined by rule-based systems. Originally from Southern California, he went from a record label co-founder and audio hacker in Los Angeles to a rock climbing/chard-growing hippie in Santa Barbara before moving to Vancouver to become a software developer and media artist. His expertise spans from data and music visualization to computer vision, sensor dev and user centred design.

Expertise in: Advanced Mathematics, Newtownian, Fluid, and Wave Mechanics. Expertise with platforms such as Flash(Actionscript 3/Flex), Processing (Java), HTML/CSS, Javascript, SuperCollider (C++), Max/MSP and Native Instruments Reaktor. Additional experience includes motion design and composting with Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro with Cinema 4D and Maya. Focus on Tangible Interfaces for visualizing data and new ways of interacting with sound.

Specialties: Arduino <=> Ableton Live, monome <=> ChucK, Computer Vision <=> Quartz Composer, Kinect <=> Cinema4D. Ruby <=> everything.

…and thats just for starters!


  • OpenFrameworks ( Advanced , 3 years experience )
  • vj ( Advanced , 5 years experience )
  • Cinema 4D ( Intermediate , 4 years experience )
  • Video Game Development ( Intermediate , 4 years experience )
  • Digidesign Pro Tools ( Expert , 15 years experience )
  • Digital Art ( Expert , 12 years experience )
  • Music Production ( Expert , 20 years experience )
  • Game Development
  • VJ
  • Pro Tools
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • User Experience
  • After Effects
  • Flash
  • Programming
  • Web Development
  • ActionScript
  • User Interface Design
  • C++
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile Devices
  • HTML
  • Ruby


Coverall Crew Corporation
04 / 2011 - Present
Electric Shaman
1999 - Present
Digital Media Artist

Created generative and interactive Audio/Visual/Tangible Media for Art Installations in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Also does consulting for for numerous exhibits and installations. Is also available for music composition.

Maker Foundation
2011 - 2013
Sponsorship Coordinator
Blitzoo Interactive
09 / 2010 - 04 / 2011
Software Development Engineer

Platform (Facebook, mobile) and telemetry expert.

Microsoft - BigPark
2008 - 10 / 2010

Front End Engineer working in HTML, JS, CSS, Flash for the web. Also Prototyping, Tech demos, and UX design for Incubation Team. Audio Engineer.

Microsoft Game Studios
01 / 2010 - 09 / 2010

Front End Engineer working in HTML, JS, CSS, Flash for the web. Platforms expert (Facebook, Google, Mobile).

11 / 2008 - 03 / 2010
Technical and Interactive Designer/Software Engineer

Prototyping, Tech demos, UX

Mr. Pink The Computer Shrink
2007 - 2008
Flash Designer

Flash/HTML/CSS Development, Web Strategist

Melo Dementia
2006 - 2008
Industrial Designer

Designed prototype and manufacturing techniques for glass products that would have optimized airflow for entertainment and recreational use.

Dr. E. M. Feinstein
1999 - 2007
Network Administrator

Installed and maintained network hardware and software for cosmetic dental practice. Digitizing patient charts and xray machines were a priority as well as developing front end and web site for practice.


Vancouver Film School
2007 - 2008
Post-Grad , Digital Design
Vancouver Film School
2007 - 2008
Digital Design , Interactive and User Experience Design


Student Sustainability Coalition


Rock Climbing, Cycling, Tangible Interfaces, Homebrew Technologies, Music Production Performance and Synthesis, Creative Commons, Sustainable Living, Math and Physics

Associations, Vice President of Astronomy Club - UCLA Treasurer of Student Sustainability Coalition, Vancouver Flash User Group, Vancouver Open Data Group, VanJS

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